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Scrumble vs. Patch

Comparing the various knitted letter contributions we’ve received so far, brings up the idea of understanding individual knitting methods as a kind of “handwriting”, in which the form is defined by the personal process.

Some questions to Prudence Mapstone, about her technique, “Freeform Knitting”:

RS: For your letter contribution to “Schalalala” you chose a very twisty pattern, which perfectly fits your personal technique. In “Freeform Knitting” you combine Crochet and Knitting in a very organic way. How did you develop this technique?

PM: I had been creating my own designs with intarsia knitting since the early 1980s, and I started adding crochet to my work in the 90s for a couple of reasons. I had knitted so much, and for so many years, that I was starting to experience pain whenever I overdid it. I found that combining knit and crochet together helped, as it gave me a wider range of hand movements.