CV Info

Rüdiger Schlömer
(concept, interface design, realization)

Rüdiger Schlömer (*1978) studied Visual Communication in Aachen, and Art in Context in Berlin. He works as an independent designer and conceptual artist in different fields as sound, textiles and media art. His contextual projects investigate communicative systems, and general ideas of authorship, interaction and hierarchy. Rüdiger Schlömer lives and works in Berlin and Zürich. (personal website:

Jan Lindenberg
(interface design & coding)

Jan Lindenberg (*1978) is a trained computer scientist, and studied Visual Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen and Interaction Design at the University of the Arts Berlin. He works as a PhD researcher at the Design Research Lab of the German Telekom Laboratories and the Technical University Berlin, where he is engaged in the field of mobile communication and sustainability. Jan Lindenberg lives and works in Berlin. (personal website:

Horst Schulz
(knitting & methodical consultation)

Horst Schulz (*1933) left Prussia in 1945 and learned knitting in Denmark during 4 years of internment. One of his first works were 36 lace knitting blankets made of sackcloth, using wire as knitting needles.
After working as a decorator back in Berlin, he developed his own patchwork technique (”The New Knitting”), on which he later published 2 books in 5 languages.
Horst Schulz has been teaching his technique in workshops world wide (USA, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, Holland etc.). His works have been shown in several Museums, including Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Museum Europäischer Kulturen, Berlin and Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin. Horst Schulz lives and works in Berlin.

Publications by Horst Schulz:

“Das neue Stricken” (out of print)
Augustus Verlag, Augsburg 1997
ISBN-10: 3804303641 / ISBN-13: 978-3804303645

“Das neue Stricken – Kindermode” (out of print)
Augustus Verlag, Augsburg 1997
ISBN-10: 3804305016 / ISBN-13: 978-3804305014

English Versions:

“Exciting New Patchwork Knitting”
Saprotex International 2000
ISBN-10: 0620261951 / ISBN-13: 978-0620261951

“New Knitting: Fashion for Children”
Saprotex International 2000
ASIN: B001D0C0N6