• Out Now:

    A hands-on guide to
    F A N   S C A R F   R E M I X
    sample, remix and reknit your own fan scarf message

    This zine-inspired publication reflects and documents the making of Schalalala, and “Fan Scarf Remix” as a conceptual format. Like the project itself, the publication links many different contexts and practices, such as new music, remix culture, typography and conceptual knitting.

    FAN SCARF REMIX contains all information needed to produce a remix fan scarf on your own (no excuses left!). This includes knitting patterns and basic instructions, a sampling template and a Schalalala label-fringe. Additional interviews and essays provide a meta perspective on the project.

    With essays by Sabine Fabo, Otto von Busch and interviews with Prudence Mapstone and Horst Schulz.

    60 pages, 20.5 x 29 cm, b/w-photocopy, Version 1.0, 2010
    published by Edition Txet (order here)

  • Scrumble vs. Patch

    Comparing the various knitted letter contributions we’ve received so far, brings up the idea of understanding individual knitting methods as a kind of “handwriting”, in which the form is defined by the personal process.

    Some questions to Prudence Mapstone, about her technique, “Freeform Knitting”:

    RS: For your letter contribution to “Schalalala” you chose a very twisty pattern, which perfectly fits your personal technique. In “Freeform Knitting” you combine Crochet and Knitting in a very organic way. How did you develop this technique?

    PM: I had been creating my own designs with intarsia knitting since the early 1980s, and I started adding crochet to my work in the 90s for a couple of reasons. I had knitted so much, and for so many years, that I was starting to experience pain whenever I overdid it. I found that combining knit and crochet together helped, as it gave me a wider range of hand movements.

  • Schalalala in Silicon Valley!

    Schalalala is part of the International TECHstyle Art Biennial (ITAB) at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, August 17 – October 31, 2010.

  • Knitting for Jönköping

    Thank you all for the great contributions to the JÖNKÖPING LETTER ARCHIVE! The exhibition has now ended, and we received a total of 47 letters from all over the world: Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Austria, Australia, Sweden and the Czech Republic! All letters will now be connected in order of arrival. We’ll let you know when it’s ready!

  • T-1444!

    “T” by Tigerelfe (posted on flickr)

  • B-0216!

    A monochrome B from Zürich, Switzerland

  • Call for Knittings!

    Knit one letter from THE JÖNKÖPING LETTER ARCHIVE and send it to us! All letters are connected in order of arrival. The message so far: “JAIO ZIW MIH EATI UXFTO”… more soon!

  • O-1060!

    pragueloop continues on vowels… with the first pattern that has been knit twice! (posted on flickr)

  • E-0380!

    Another great contribution from the Ravelry knitters: pragueloop’s superfast knitted E! (posted on Ravelry)

  • More letters arrived!

    Here are a few of the beautiful letters that just arrived from Jönköping. Some of them have quite interesting details – a growing methodology of fan scarf knitting!

  • L-0762, T-1400, J-0707 !!!

    3 more letters knit by Annabel Logan in Brisbane, Australia.
    (posted on Ravelry)

  • U-1464!

    Knit very precisely from the original pattern with 6-7 colors. Further documentation is here. (photo by asaska.)

  • X-1563!

    Another beautiful contribution to THE JÖNKÖPING LETTER ARCHIVE, knit by jheral_tinzy in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, United Kingdom. (photo by jheral_tinzy.)

  • First Letters!

    some of the first letter contributions