The Jönköping Letter Archive


THE JÖNKÖPING LETTER ARCHIVE is a collection of single letter knitting patterns extracted from existing fan scarfs, which were found on the internet. The archive is part of the exhibition “CRAFTWERK 2.0  – New Household Tactics for the Popular Crafts” at the Jönköping County Museum, Sweden.

For the duration of the exhibition, THE JÖNKÖPING LETTER ARCHIVE is being used for an internet experiment: Jönköping residents and knitters worldwide are asked to each re-knit one letter from the archive and to send it to the museum. All letters will be connected in order of arrival.

Download Info-PDF (700kb):

> Call for Knittings! (English)
> Aufruf zum Stricken! (Deutsch)
> Appel au tricotage! (Francais)
> Petición de letras de punto! (Español)
> Apel la tricotat! (Rumanesce)
> 編み物に協力して下さる方募集 (Japanese)