How to contribute

To contribute to THE JÖNKÖPING LETTER ARCHIVE, choose any pattern from the archive and re-knit it in your personal way. Send your letter to: Schalalala c/o Jönköping County Museum, Box 2133, 550 02 Jönköping, Sweden.

To get the patterns:

Click on the archive map to get to a knitting pattern. It will open in a new window, where you can press the “print”-button on top. You can also view the patterns in alphabetical order on Issuu (Flash required).

Knitting details:

All patterns are fitted to 40×40 pixels/stitches, so your knitting should have an average height of about 20cm or 8′. You are welcome to include further documentation material, such as your personalized knitting pattern, photos, or notes about a special technique or yarn that you are using. All will be included in the archive’s documentation.

Join us on

Download the Info-PDF (700kb):


> Call for Knittings! (English)
> Aufruf zum Stricken! (Deutsch)
> Appel au tricotage! (Francais)
> Petición de letras de punto! (Español)
> Apel la tricotat! (Rumanesce)
> 編み物に協力して下さる方募集 (Japanese)

Also please pass this information on to friends and knitters who could be interested, too!